The Surprising Way Prince William Conquered His Public Speaking Anxiety

We’ll be the first to admit that even the thought of public speaking makes our anxiety levels go through the roof. And apparently it has the same effect on Prince William.

In a newly-released preview for the Duke of Cambridge’s BBC program, Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, he opens up about his experience with anxiety. The show, which airs on May 28 (aka tonight), will focus on the 37-year-old as he speaks with athletes about their own experiences and the negative stigma men often face when it comes to mental health issues.

BBC released the new footage on Thursday, featuring the duke discussing his uneasiness when it comes to public speaking—something that he’s experienced most of his life. “Certain days, especially certain speeches as well when I was growing up, you definitely get a bit of anxiety,” he said in the clip. “You’re like ‘Oh, this has got to go right, don’t mess this up—there’s a lot of people watching.’” Lucky for him, he’s figured out a technique (completely by accident) to help him cope. 

“My eyesight started to tail off a little bit as I got older, and I didn’t used to wear contacts when I was working, so actually when I gave speeches I couldn’t see anyone’s face," he said in the clip. "And it helps, because it’s just a blur of faces and because you can’t see anyone looking at you—I can see enough to read the paper and stuff like that—but I couldn’t actually see the whole room. And actually that really helps with my anxiety.”

Now instead of imagining people in their underwear, we’re going to start imagining that no one is in the room at all.