Prince William Is Allowing Air Ambulances to Refuel on the Kensington Palace Lawn

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Kensington Palace might be shut down (and practically empty) amid the current coronavirus pandemic, but Prince William is utilizing the palace grounds to help those working on the front lines. 

According to People, the Duke of Cambridge has approved the use of the property’s private lawn, Perks Field, for refueling air ambulances in hopes of saving valuable time for paramedics. Previously, pilots had to fly to another refueling station 20 miles away if working near the palace. Not to mention, this specific area is usually reserved for the Windsors’ own helicopters so it’s kind of a big deal.

It’s no surprise that William is making this call, considering he was recently named Patron at London’s Air Ambulance Charity, which has been providing rapid emergency care around the capital since 1989. In his role, William looks for ways to support the important work carried out by the charity, such as transporting and treating COVID-19 patients.

If you didn’t know, William worked for several years as an air ambulance pilot in East Anglia (before becoming a full-time royal in 2017), and back in November, he attended the Air Ambulance Charity Gala

Leave it to Prince William to donate his personal residence in a time of need.

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