Prince George Pulled a Kate Middleton at the FA Cup Final

Like mother, like son

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If you tuned in to the FA Cup final, you may have noticed Prince William and his mini-me, Prince George, wearing matching navy suits in the crowd. But while the young royal inherited his dad's looks and fashion sense, it appears he inherited his mom's unique mannerisms.

In case you missed it, the 10-year-old prince made a familiar gesture while watching the match between Manchester City and Manchester United. He briefly adjusted his hair by pushing it back with his fingers—and it instantly reminded me of all the times I've seen Kate Middleton do the exact same thing. Take a look.

You'll notice that George casually brushes his hair back with his hand, much like Middleton has done in the past.

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For instance, while attending Wimbledon in July 2022, the Princess of Wales was spotted alongside her husband, fixing a few flyaway hairs using the same gesture.

Then of course, there was her first official visit to Cambridge back in 2012, when she stood on the balcony of The Guildhall and her hair was blown in the wind. Notice the similarities?

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As it turns out, the mother-son duo also share quite a few hobbies, like cooking. In 2022, they baked cakes together for the queen's Platinum Jubilee Street Party, and in 2020, they made cupcakes for war veterans and armed forces members. Per Hello! magazine, the princess also revealed that her children love to make pizza. She said, "I've done that with George and Charlotte — making pizza dough. They love it because they can get their hands messy."

Another shared hobby? Photography. In 2019, while attending a photography workshop for the Royal Photographic Society and Action for Children, Middleton revealed that both George and Charlotte are most inspired when they take photos. 

She said, “Just look at everything around you. Maybe it’s in front of you, or far away, but choose your subject and focus in on it. Get outside with your camera as well. George and Charlotte love it when we do that.”

It's true what they say: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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