The Strange Reason Why Prince George Is Not Allowed to Have a Best Friend at School

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We’ve already gleaned a few details about Prince George’s life at his new school, including the name that he’ll be using (George Cambridge) and how adorable he looks in his summer uniform. Now we’ve learned that the future king is not allowed to have a best friend.

But he’s not the only one. It turns out that there’s actually a rule at Thomas’s Battersea school that discourages any of the children from having a BFF.

Jane Moore, a panelist from the U.K. daily chat show Loose Women, lives near the school and said that many of her friends send their children there. She revealed that the students are encouraged to be friendly with all of their classmates and not to pick favorites so that everyone feels included.

“There are signs everywhere saying ‘be kind’—that’s the ethos of the school,” she said on the show last week. “They don’t encourage you to have best friends.”

This all-inclusive policy extends to birthday celebrations. If your child is having a party, you either invite every child in the class or you don’t give out invites, period. (Side note: How awesome would a pajama party at Kensington Palace be?)

And just because Prince George is royalty, that doesn’t mean he’ll be receiving any special treatment. Ben Thomas, principal of Thomas’s London Day Schools, told reporters: “Our aim for [George], as well as for all of our pupils, is to provide a safe and secure and happy environment where he feels supported by a kind and loving community.”

“That’s all we will be trying to achieve for him. There won’t be any special treatment at all.”

But while Prince George might not have a bestie, we’re pretty sure he won’t have any trouble making friends.  

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