8 Podcasts that Will Help You Keep Calm and Turkey On this Thanksgiving

Fact: As delicious as stuffing and mashed potatoes are, Thanksgiving can be pretty darn stressful. Between turkey prep, Zoom appointments with the in-laws and making sure you've got your Black Friday shopping list done, there’s a whole lot going on. So, whether you’re cooking a feast or just in need of a minute away from it all, let our handy Spotify podcast playlist be the break you so desperately need.

1. The Brownprint With Cari Champion

Veteran journalist Cari Champion speaks with a diverse list of guests from every industry, successful individuals ranging from entertainers and athletes to business executives and journalists in an effort to discuss the state of progress in America. These conversations range from the inspirational to the uncomfortable, and this podcast is the mentorship you've been looking for.

2. ‘second Life’

If you’re into listening to inspiring women (like fashion designer and activist Aurora James and Instagram's Eva Chen) talk about the formative jobs and missteps that led them to realizing their dream career, then look no further. At the very least, it will distract you from your cousin’s humble brags about her company’s IPO.

3. ‘mom Brain’

If wrangling kids and making sure they have at least some veggies on their plate is part of your Thanksgiving routine, then you’ll find comfort in this podcast from IRL moms Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz. Through chats with experts, like homeschooling whiz Danica McKellar (she's also an actress, author and um, mathematician) as well as trusted mom friends, Oz and Baldwin remind listeners that parenting takes a village.

4. ‘hit Parade’

This podcast deep dives into number one chart toppers—from Bon Jovi to Prince to Lizzo—and explores what made the song or artist number one, and how they fit into the full story of music history. It's super fun and distracting, and leaves you inspired to fire up Spotify.

5. ‘oprah’s Supersoul Conversations’

Whether you’re looking for enlightenment or tools to hold back your side-eye, Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations is all that and so much more. It’s Oprah. Need we say more?

6. ‘popcast’

We love a hot take on what's going on in popular music right now. So we appreciate the New York Times' round table discussions on the most famous pop stars today, and their honesty when critically reviewing the latest matter how many rabid fan armies threaten to come for the journos on social media.

7. ‘the Michelle Obama Podcast’

Um, guess what? It's fun to hang out with Michelle Obama. That's the vibe you get from listening to her chat with celebrities, friends, and family members (Barack!). She talks about her own life growing up in what her husband calls "the Black Leave it to Beaver" situation, and what's important to her now. No matter who she is speaking with, her crisp, calm voice and compassionate intelligence are what makes this an essential listen.

8. ‘your Best Life With Anna Victoria’

Somehow non-intimidating though perfectly fit, this fitness influencer, personal trainer and CEO/Creator of the Fit Body app inspires us each week when she sits down with the top names in wellness. Her real conversations on how to embrace your best life are what we'll be remembering when we try to stay on track, fitness-wise, this holiday season.


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