This Photo-Editing App Wants Your Gorgeous Food Pics to Be Featured on Instagram

That mouthwatering pic of your avo toast from brunch got a bunch of likes on Insta, but doesn’t it deserve a bit more love? (We mean, you could moonlight as a food stylist from the looks of that ’Gram.)

Photo-editing and photographer community app PicsArt agrees and wants to feature your health-food pics for the world to see. Over the next three days, download PicsArt and submit your swoon-worthy salads and jaw-droppingly beautiful acai bowls to its photography challenge using the tags #purewow, #healthfood and @purewow. You’ll then be entered for the chance to be featured on @HealthFood and have your photo shared with more than 609,000 Instagram users. 

Oh, don’t mind us. We’ll just be over here trying to get the right lighting and backdrop for these papaya bowls.

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