There’s a New Trailer for ‘Pet Sematary’ and Now We’re Sleeping with the Lights on

Just when we thought we couldn’t be any more terrified of Stephen King’s upcoming remake of Pet Sematary, a new trailer was released that totally proved us wrong. 

In the first trailer, we were introduced to the Creed family—that is, the unlucky family that unknowingly moves into a home located next to a cemetery for pets. And when the family cat dies (and mysteriously comes back to life), they realize that the land they live on may not be what it seems. 

Although only 15 seconds, the new trailer shows some creepy visuals of a (half-dead?) human crawling on the floor, someone about to be stabbed and, of course, a bunch of terrifying hands reaching out and grabbing people.

In John Lithgow’s words, “Sometimes dead is better,” and we couldn’t agree more. Pet Sematary haunts theaters April 5.