Move Over, Flip-Flops: Old Navy's New $1 Deal Is Almost Too Good to Be True

We’re calling it: Old Navy wins Black Friday deals, and here’s why.

You already know the wonders of its annual $1 flip-flop bonanza, but this year, the fast-fashion retailer is bringing back its comfy, cozy, totally hygge-approved holiday counterpart: $1 fuzzy socks. Even better? The retailer is calling it the One Dolla Holla Cozy Sock Sale. Seriously.

Yep, for the tiny price of a buck, you can gift the most adorable socks (we mean, have you seen the llama and sloth pairs?!) to every person on your list.

We still think the original price of $6 is a steal for these chenille wonders, but we’re hoping the ghost of Christmas present bestows upon us the patience to wait it out for Friday, November 23, when the company’s Black Friday deals will begin online and in stores.

What's more, this year Old Navy will be donating $1 for every pair sold to the Boys & Girls Clubs up to $1 million.

And if you’re reading this and happen to be one of our family members, friends or co-workers, or that girl we met on the subway, the friendly cashier from Whole Foods or our freshman year roommate, you just spoiled your own present. Sorry, not sorry.

Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth