Nike’s New Sneaker Subscription Box Is Just for Kids—but Parents Everywhere Will Want One

nike adventure club subscription box for kids

Real talk: Shoe shopping for kids can be a huge pain. And because their feet are growing so quickly, it's a pain parents have to deal with pretty often. However, Nike is out to change that frustrating and time-consuming experience with a new subscription service.

At its core, the newly launched Nike Adventure Club is a shoe subscription box for kids roughly ages 2 to 10 (specifically sizes 4C to 7Y), but really it delivers much more. Both the website and the app are meant to be explored and used by children (although adults can certainly join in) and the box itself comes addressed to the kid who will be wearing the shoes inside. 

There are three tiers to choose from, delivering either four, six or 12 pairs a year. Once it's time for your child to choose a new pair, they can simply log on and scroll through only the shoes that are available in her size (so she doesn't end up with her heart set on something that won't fit) without prices being shown (all the shoes cost roughly the same and are covered in your monthly payment). 

Shortly, a box will arrive on your doorstep with her name on it containing her fabulous new footwear and an adventure guide designed to encourage her to get outside to play, create and take a break from technology. Even the box itself is designed to be easily opened by little hands, no scissors required, and played with.

As for the parents, Nike Adventure Club is looking out for you, too. You can upgrade, downgrade or pause your subscription at any time, and twice a year Nike will send a prepaid bag for you to fill with any shoes that no longer fit or have been loved to shreds. Those shoes are evaluated and then either donated or recycled as part of the Nike Grind program, which turns old sneaks into sporting surfaces like turf, track and playground materials.

Right now there is a waitlist to join, but new members continue to be added on a daily basis, so it might not be very long before your little one finds a doodle-covered shoebox on the doorstep just for them.



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