Nicole Byer from ‘Nailed It!’ Dishes Out Her Top Baking Tip

nicole byer from nailed it

If we’re being honest, one of the main reasons why we love Netflix’s laugh-out-loud reality bake-off show Nailed It! is because of how great it makes us feel about our own kitchen disasters. But we also can’t get enough of host Nicole Byer and her hilarious zingers (not to mention her reactions to some of the contestants’, um, masterpieces).

We recently caught up with the comedian and Smirnoff partner about the hit show and asked her if she’d picked up any useful tips from observing so many (but, like, so, so many) cake catastrophes.

“I learned that you have to grease your pan,” says the comedian. “And if you’re going to put sponges in the freezer to cool them, then you have to take them out of the pan first so that butter doesn’t harden.”

Because nobody likes their sponge cake with lumps of butter. 

Totally genius.

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