It’s 2019 and the Newest American Girl Doll Lives on a Sustainable Farm and Struggles with a Food Sensitivity

American Girl dolls have always erred on the side of semi relatability (Molly McIntyre and her glasses! Samantha Parkington and her piano lessons!). But the newest addition to the American Girl family is by far the most accurate mirror to society. 

Meet Blaire Wilson, American Girl’s 2019 girl of the year, whose successes and hardships are oh-so of-the-moment. 

According to her American Girl bio, Blaire lives on her family’s sustainable farm in upstate New York in the turret of their Victorian home turned bed-and-breakfast (goals). There, she battles against her screen-time obsession (same) and feels self-conscious about her food sensitivity (also same). She perpetually struggles to balance her flourishing home life on her farm with her career aspirations as a chef. In her spare time, she cooks crème brûlée, hangs out with her goats and wears feminine sundresses. Oh, did we mention she recently renovated her barn into an entertaining space? (Can you say rustic fall wedding?!)

Basically, she’s a blogger in the making and it’s only a matter of time until her Instagram following surpasses our own. 


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