Neil Patrick Harris Says Husband David Burtka Could’ve Held Back a *Little* During ‘Uncoupled’ Kissing Scene

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are not only married, but the two stars have had the opportunity to work on a few of the same TV shows as well. While Burtka made a cameo in a few episodes of Harris's hit show How I Met Your Mother, he recently made an appearance in the sixth episode of Harris's brand-new Netflix series, Uncoupled, too. And while talking about the show, Harris had something to say about Burtka's on-screen kiss.

The couple sat down with PureWow to discuss their brand-new partnership with HelloFresh, where Burtka (who is a professional chef) crafted a series of easy recipes for families to make at home. Amidst our conversation about cooking, family and jobs, the conversation turned to the pair's work on Uncoupled.

In the show, Harris plays a forty-something real estate agent named Michael, who is trying to adjust to newly-single life. Toward the end of the season, Burtka appears in an episode as Jerry, the coworker of one of Michael's friends, and the love interest of Stanley (Brooks Ashmanskas).

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As it turns out, the couple didn't even get to see each other when they were filming their scenes for Uncoupled, and they never appear together on the show. “We didn't work together,” Burtka said, adding, “There was one day at the roller rink where [Neil] left the scene and I sort of came in, but we don't share a screen on the show.”

Burtka instead shares his scenes with Ashmanskas, which Harris joked about, saying, “It was really lovely to see the two of them together, although they kissed a little deeper than I would have liked.” He added, “But I actually wasn't on set that day.”

In response to Harris's comment, Burtka laughed and fired back, saying, “You have no room to talk with what you do on this show, Neil.” To which Harris responded, “True, true.”

All jokes aside, Harris actually called Burtka and Ashmanskas's pairing on the show “clandestine” because the two had worked together in the past. “David was doing a Broadway show, Gypsy, that Brooks was in when we first met each other,” Harris said.

Talk about a cool connection! At least the kiss occurred between friends.

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