Natalie Portman Plays an Astronaut on the Brink in the New (and Totally Captivating) 'Lucy in the Sky' Trailer

There's Natalie Portman careening around space, snippets of what appears to be relationships with both Dan Stevens *and* Jon Hamm (oh la la x 2) and the pressure to convince everyone around her she's fine.

Yep, that's what you get in the span of two and a half minutes when you watch the new Lucy in the Sky trailer, due out later this year.

The film—which looks pretty trippy, btw—is about a woman, Lucy (Portman), who spends a lot of time floating around the stars only to discover that coming back down to earth is much more challenging. (It's also rumored to be loosely based on the real-life story of astronaut Lisa Nowak's criminal activities and affair with a fellow astronaut.)

Either way, based on the trailer alone, the film looks to be Portman at her finest, delivering a multilayered performance that makes us question life, love and humanity.

Save the yet-to-be-determined date.