Here’s Why Naomi Osaka Says Fashion Helps Her on the Tennis Court

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Serena Williams isn’t the only one who believes that having the right tennis ensemble is crucial on the court. Turns out, Naomi Osaka also puts a ton of thought and effort into finding the perfect outfit for each and every match. 

The 23-year-old professional athlete recently sat down for an exclusive interview with PureWow, where she opened up about the 2021 tennis season. Osaka even revealed the “big role” fashion plays “on and off the court.”

“To me, it’s another way to express one’s individuality,” she revealed. “It’s empowering that everyone can dress differently and make real statements based on what they are wearing. That’s probably why I like wearing pieces that no one else can have.”

And 2021 is bringing a totally new outlook on Osaka’s style choices. This year, she’s leaving the dark shades behind and going in a more colorful direction. 

She continued, “I love going to boutiques and finding something completely unique and unexpected. This year I am really loving bold strong colorful looks. In the past, so much of what I used to wear was black and this year it’s been fun adding color to the mix. I really like to connect personally with the brands I partner with, to build something together and become like family.”

Out with the drab and in with the bold? We should definitely try that sometime. 

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