Rom-Com Reunion: ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Cast Together Again After 22 Years

Yes, you read that right. Twenty-two years, you guys.

In honor of Entertainment Weekly’s first-ever romantic comedy issue (and, probs, in honor of Valentine’s Day), the cast of My Best Friend’s Wedding had a reunion.

Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney and Rupert Everett were reunited for the first time since the movie debuted in 1997, and the pictures are jaw-droppingly stunning.

Roberts, 51, and Diaz, 46, reminisced on the iconic karaoke scene, which Diaz portrayed so realistically because she was, in fact, actually frightened of people watching her sing.

“I was terrified to do that scene, for real,” Diaz said. “I allowed the true terror of singing in front of people to be alive in me. I wanted to run and hide, and Dermot kept me there. He said, ‘You can do it, you can do it.’ In the scene I’m just staring at him the whole time because he’s looking at me like, ‘You’re OK. You’re not gonna die.’ And I was like, ‘But I’m dying.’”

The cast also revealed that the ending and a few other scenes were reshot after production was overdue to harsh test screenings.

“If Kimmy didn’t stand up for herself, it felt different for the end of the story. It wasn’t as gratifying,” Diaz said.

“When I read the [new final scene] I couldn’t believe it. It’s beautiful,” Everett, 59, said. “The whole end is so wonderful and tragic in a way. It’s very, very moving. And that’s another thing in the film: It’s a comedy, but it’s got things that are really, really touching and moving.”

Yep, adding it to our Valentine’s Day movie marathon queue immediately.