Mark Consuelos Looks Just Like His Father with New Quarantine Mustache

In this week’s earth-shattering news, Mark Consuelos has a mustache. Too dramatic? Maybe, but wait to decide until after you see it. This new look definitely took us by surprise.

On Tuesday, the Riverdale actor showed off his new facial hair while filling in for Ryan Seacrest on his wife’s talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. Of course, his new controversial “#markstache” (Kelly’s words, not ours) was the topic of much conversation.

“I can take it or leave it, I like it both ways,” Ripa said during the show. And while his wife (being the supportive woman she is) is all for the ’stache, the couple’s three kids, who are currently social distancing with them under the same roof, are not so much on board. “They say I look like an aging porn star,” Consuelos told viewers. LOL.

However, the 49-year-old’s facial hair isn’t just a quarantine ’stache as the kids are calling it these days. It actually holds a pretty special meaning, resembling one his father had during Mark’s childhood.

“You know my dad had a mustache,” Mark continued. “And he still does. Growing up, I think he shaved it once and my mom made him grow it back because he had a lot of space between his nose and his top lip.” To call out the resemblance, Ripa shared a side-by-side photo of her husband and his dad on Instagram.

“1966 vs. today. @instasuelos the daddy doesn’t fall far from the tree,” she captioned the post (and did you notice that little photoshopped Air Pod?).

Mustache or not, it’s clear good looks run in this family.