The One TV Show Marie Kondo Watched to Prep for Her Netflix Series

If you haven’t heard, tidying expert and international delight Marie Kondo has a new series on Netflix, Tidying Up. And last night, amongst a crowd of loyal fans at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, Kondo was asked a very important question by moderator Katie Rosman of The New York Times: What reality shows, if any, did Kondo watch to prepare for her own show?

Fixer Upper, you wonder? Nope. Extreme Home Makeover, perhaps? Not it. So, what could it be?

“One of the shows I did watch was Queer Eye,” Kondo said through an interpreter. Now that response sparked some serious joy in us.

Kondo went on to explain that, much like on Queer Eye, the approach on her show is to teach her clients the important lessons—how to tidy up, improve their lives, spark joy—and not do it for them.

“It’s an opportunity for introspection,” she said, and then added: “If I came in and tidied up for you, it will rebound into clutter.”

So the next question is when’s the Tidying Up x Queer Eye crossover happening, Netflix? We’ll wait…

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