Marie Kondo Reveals the Items in Her Own Home That Spark Joy (and the Ones She Can’t Wait to Trash)

We have to hand it to Marie Kondo. Thanks to her, our closets (and kitchens and garages) are now totally organized and edited based entirely on the singular—and life-affirming—question: “Does this spark joy?”

But it’s not always the easiest to identify which objects in your home do—and do not—spark joy.

That’s why, when Kondo was in town to promote her brand-new children’s picture book, Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship, a kid-friendly version of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, we wanted a couple of examples of items in her own home that regularly spark joy.

Her answer: Donabe pots. “They’re Japanese earthenware pots that I use to cook with,” she explains. (Here’s a rather elegant example.)

As for the items in her home that she’s keen to donate or put in the trash? Kondo didn’t miss a beat: “My children’s clothes. The speed with which my daughters grow is astonishing. So I often find myself donating children’s clothes even though they’re so cute and sweet.”

Inspiring? Yes, mainly because these are two clear-cut examples of her practice in action. Relatable? Double yes. We, too, love a particular kitchen item that always (always) yields delicious meals for the family. And we're also a victim of our toddler’s endless piles of adorable clothing that he’s long since outgrown. (Do we really need to hold onto that newborn-sized onesie emblazoned with sheep and ducks? Probably not...)

BRB, re-examining what truly sparks joy in our own home—and donating the rest.

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