Marie Kondo's New Line of Storage Boxes Is Sparking Some Serious Joy

A perfectly decluttered and orderly home isn't built in a day—and it certainly isn't built without positive reinforcement. No one understands this quite like Marie Kondo, international organizing sensation and author of the cult favorite cleaning book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This is why she just launched a line of home products: to help her devotees implement the KonMari method and live their best, tidy lives. First up? Bringing the joy of boxes to the masses. (Umm, wut?) Here's the scoop. 

It's Official Marie Kondo's New Show Is Headed to Netflix

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MK Sadler

Why Boxes?

As Kondo explained at a press event last week, it's a popular custom to keep sturdy gift/shoe/storage boxes of all shape and sizes in her native Japan. These boxes are then put to use as drawer dividers, keepsake boxes or even as a way of concealing utilitarian objects (like extra toilet paper rolls, for example). But here in America? Apparently we all toss our boxes, and when working with American clients, Kondo was unable to find a proper, joy-sparking storage solution. 

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Meet The "hikidashi" Boxes

So to kick off what we can only assume will grow into a home goods empire, Kondo has launched the Hikidashi Box set, now available for preorder. Each set contains three smooth and sturdy nesting boxes, available in four serene patterns and color ways. Bonus: With each box set purchase ($89—life-changing magic doesn't come cheap, it seems!), you'll also receive access to a guided online tutorial from Marie herself.  

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Do I Need Them?

We've been testing out a set in our underwear and pajama drawers, respectively, for the past two weeks—and they're kind of a game changer. Is it a placebo effect that seeing our clothes neatly folded like little presents and lined up in pretty boxes makes us feel in charge of our lives? Maybe. But hey, we'll take it. 


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