Mandy Moore's Lookalike Son Ozzie Loses it Over His Brother's Hat in New IG Post

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Someone's got a case of the giggles—and this time, it's not Kelly Ripa.

Earlier this week, Mandy Moore shared a sweet clip of her 9-month-old son, Ozzie, being entertained by his big brother, Gus, 2. The This Is Us actress, 39, cradled her youngest boy in her arms while Gus was preoccupied with the door, and Ozzie just couldn't stop laughing as he looked at his sibling, who was wearing his baseball cap backward. Moore captioned the video, "Ozzie is Gus’s biggest fan."

In the video, Moore said, "What's so funny? I don't know what's so funny! Is it your brother in the hat?" In response, Ozzie gave a big smile that resembled his mom's and continued to laugh. Moore then turned her camera to Gus as he played with the doorknob and knocked several times, and this continued to amuse his baby brother. Moore said, "Knock knock knockin' on the door? You're really cuttin' it up for your brother, huh?"

In the comments, one fan wrote, "His eyes are locked on Gus, love is in the air!!!!" Another wrote, "That laugh is so infectious!!! Love it!!"

The post comes just a month after Moore posted a tribute to the boys' father and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, 37, in honor of Father's Day.

The star shared a carousel of father-son moments between Goldsmith and their two sons. She wrote, "I marvel at all you bring to the table—your patience, your gentle nature, your willingness to change a diaper or get up with a crying baby without me ever asking or to run around and get in the dirt with a very active toddler at any moment….your ability to get Gus to eat something he’d flat out refused with me or elicit Ozzie’s immediate laughter, your music curation for our boys—which is TOP NOTCH."

She continued, "I could go on and on….I can’t believe we get to do this parenthood journey together. The three of us are the luckiest to have you, T. Love you to the moon and Happy Father’s Day!!!"

Here's hoping we'll see more appearances from Gus and Ozzie on Moore's feed.

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