This LoveSac Giant Pillow Chair Takes Naptime to a Whole New Level

Heaven: walking through the door, throwing down our bags, taking off our shoes (OK, fine, and bra) and collapsing onto the couch after a long day.

But what if said couch was actually a LoveSac giant pillow (we’re talking queen-bed-size) fluffy foam beanbag? Would you ever get up? We know we wouldn’t.

LoveSac, a furniture company specializing in “high-quality sacs, sectionals and beanbags” with a cult following, has just made our dreams come true. The BigOne is eight feet long and four feet high and made of Durafoam, which, unlike plastic beans, distributes weight evenly and doesn’t compress over time (versus that awful purple beanbag molded into the corner of your childhood bedroom).

Oh, and it also comes with a faux-fur slipcover that you can take off and throw into the wash when you spill your glass of Pinot (er, bag of Lays) all over the thing.

At $1,300, the BigOne doesn’t come cheap. But can you really put a price on a veritable cloud that lets you watch Freeform Harry Potter marathons in ridiculous comfort? We didn’t think so.



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