A Little Girl Asked Kate Middleton Why She Wasn’t Wearing a Princess Elsa Dress—and Her Reply Is Totally Logical

Kate Middleton may be a duchess, but to little girls around the world, she’s a princess, tried and true. That’s why, when Frozen comparisons come up—as they tend to—she knows exactly how to respond and take it all in stride.

kate middleton in cumbria
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Case in point: Yesterday’s royal visit to Cumbria. There, Kate received a bouquet of flowers from two sisters along with a very important question posed by their dad.

“It’s a princess. You love princesses!” he said directly to his daughters when they suddenly got shy in front of Kate. He then turned and asked Kate on their behalf: “She wanted to know if you’d be wearing your Princess Elsa dress.”

Kate was quick to reply: “I know! I'm sorry,” she said. “I came in my trousers and my coat because I’m going to see some sheep.”

She wasn’t kidding. After joining her husband, Prince William, for a walk-about, that’s exactly what she did: travel to a nearby farm to shear sheep with her own bare hands. 

kate middleton frozen dress palladium theatre
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A formalwear moment à la Elsa? Not exactly. Still, we’re guessing the little girl had the above dress in mind—that Kate wore to the Palladium Theatre in 2017—when she thought up her Frozen question. 

Does that mean a similar dress is off the table in the future? Based on Kate’s reply, if the right (read: Frozen-esque) occasion calls for it, she’s all in.

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