Leslie Jones Is Officially Leaving ‘SNL’ to Pursue a ’90s Game Show Reboot (Spoiler: It’s ‘Supermarket Sweep’)

leslie jones

It’s a sad day for fans of Saturday Night Live. One of the show's most beloved stars, Leslie Jones, is leaving to pursue other ventures—specifically to executive produce and host a reboot of Supermarket Sweep.

It’s true—after a five-season stint on the late-night show, the 51-year-old comedian is pursuing a string of major projects including not only the ’90s game show reboot, but a Netflix comedy special as well. 

Jones, who originally came to SNL as a writer, quickly worked her way up to officially join the cast back in 2014. During her five years, she became known for her impressions (like Whoopi Goldberg) and appearances on the popular Weekend Update segment. She even earned three Emmy nominations. 

And now? According to Deadline, Jones will be hosting and executive producing Supermarket Sweep, a game show reboot that NBC, ABC, Netflix and Fox are all currently bidding on. She also has a Netflix special set to air sometime next year and two (!) huge movies roles in Queenpins (co-starring Kristen Bell) and the sequel to Coming to America (with Eddie Murphy). 

So while we won’t see her return to late-night in the fall, we just can't wait to hear Jones say, "The next time you're at the checkout and you hear the beep, think of the fun you could be having on Supermarket Sweep."

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