Exclusive: Laverne Cox Reveals What It Was Really Like Working with Taylor Swift on Her ‘Calm Down’ Music Video

In case you’ve been living under a rock, we’re here to tell you: Taylor Swift’s latest music video for her tune ‘Calm Down’ is a must-watch. No, it’s not just because the song is catchy as hell—which it is, FYI. It’s also to spot the one, the only Laverne Cox, who makes a memorable (and fashionable) cameo halfway through.

PureWow had the chance to catch up with the Orange Is the New Black star, who is partnering with Smirnoff for Pride Month as it continues to donate $1 to the Human Rights Campaign for every “Love Wins” vodka bottle sold. (The plan is to donate $1.5 million by 2021.) So, we had to ask Cox: What was it really like working with Swift on her latest Pride-inspired video?

“It was so much fun,” Cox says. “I love Taylor and think it’s amazing that she’s publicly supporting and celebrating us, but also love and diversity inclusion. I just feel really blessed and grateful to work with people who are supportive of my community.”

And Cox is the first to admit she can recall a time when that wasn’t the case. “I’m old enough to remember that it’s a big deal that trans people are even included in Pride. Having artists like Taylor on board is really amazing and powerful and incredible because there’s so much we’re struggling with and that support means the world to us. I think kids will see that video and hopefully see the possibility and that their lives do matter and that they deserve to be in this world and live their dream.”

Hear hear, Laverne. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. 

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