Exclusive: Will Laverne Cox Be Back for the Last Season of ‘OITNB’? We Got the Scoop from Sophia Herself

laverne cox on season 7 of oitnb

You guys, we’re just about a month away from the premiere date of the final season of Orange Is the New Black. (It drops July 26 on Netflix—cue the tears.)

But last we saw Sophia, she was exiting the minimum security women’s prison in Litchfield—a possible swan song after six seasons on the hit show. PureWow had the chance to chat exclusively with Laverne Cox and get the scoop about whether or not her character would be back. 

“You will see me in season seven,” she confirmed, although she couldn’t say much more than that about the final episodes of the show.

Cox, who is partnering with Smirnoff for Pride Month as it continues to donate $1 to the Human Rights Campaign for every “Love Wins” vodka bottle sold, did reveal that filming was quite emotional at the end. “I cried on the last day of shooting and I really thought I was done, but someone asked me about the final season last week and I cried again. That show has meant so much to me. It’s changed my life. It’s the reason that anyone even wants to listen to me.”

But even though it’s a bittersweet farewell, Cox is proud of what OITNB has accomplished. “This is a celebration because that show has really touched people all over the world.”

And speaking of people, that’s what Cox is going to miss the most. “I have known the cast, the crew, our hair and makeup team and our wardrobe people for seven years of my life. We’ll be friends forever, even though we won’t get to see each other as much. It’s amazing that they’ve all been with us since the first season. It’s a family.”

The countdown to the final season is on.

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