Lance Bass and Michael Turchin Just Revealed They’re Welcoming Twins in November

Major congrats are in order for Lance Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin. The couple just revealed that they’re expecting their first two children together. Yup—twins.

On Tuesday, the duo teased the exciting announcement in a clever TikTok video, which was designed to look like a movie trailer for a horror film.

While the footage didn’t come out directly and say that the couple is having a baby, it included images of baby carriages, twin shadows and even an oven lit up in a dark kitchen. “This Halloween,” the clip’s caption read, “Two buns in the oven. Coming soon.”

The expecting couple later confirmed to People that they will be welcoming boy/girl twins in November. “It has been quite the journey,” Bass told the outlet of his big news before opening up about the many ways they tried to have a baby over the last four years. In fact, last year, their surrogate “miscarried while being pregnant with twins.”

“You have your vision of how it's all going to go, right? When we went into IVF and surrogacy, we had no idea what it was all about,” he continued. “Pretty much everyone we've known had bad luck at the beginning. The first time they tried it, it just did not work. And I feel like that is such a common thing. And it's great that we're able to talk about this because a lot of times I would believe that couples feel very alone in that situation. But to know that other people are going through the same exact thing, it's really comforting.”

The NSYNC alum also revealed that he and his hubby, who married in 2014, are excited about being able to have both a boy and a girl.

“We always knew we wanted at least two kids, it would be nice to have a boy and a girl just to feel the experiences of raising both or whatever they end up being,” Bass said. “I think it's just amazing that science has gotten this far where we can make the healthiest human beings ever. And I hope in our lifetime, we'll be able to see the whole world be able to do this.”

And as far as names go, these two seem like they already know what they’re going with. Bass continued, “It could change by October, but right now we're looking at family names. We like our other names, also our grandparents have really great names. We're kind of putting those together because it would be nice to be able to pass down some family names to them.”

You can read the full interview here.

Congrats, you two!

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