Kristen Bell Reveals a Genius Hack For Curbing Impulsive Online Shopping

kristen bell online shopping trick

Unforking believable: Kristen Bell is not only a music video genius and affordable diaper entrepreneur, she's also quite smart about guarding her wallet when it comes to impulsive online shopping—pretty much everyone's Achilles heel.

Her trick? In a recent interview on, Bell and her hubby Dax Shepard spilled that her savings strategy is to add everything she could possibly want to her online cart...then walk away. 

Shepard elaborated: “[Kristen] has the desire to shop all day long, like everyone else. All night long, in bed, she puts items in a cart and then just never buys them. The art of picking them out and placing them in the cart satiates her desire to gather.”

And, according to Bell, there's no limit her online-only window shopping—or what we like to call "Windows (95) Shopping" (get it? like window shopping but on a computer?). She says, “I have carts on every website you've ever heard of. And they are filled to the brim. And I will never check out.”

She explains that there's something about the rush of going to beautiful websites selling clothing or jewelry or fancy kids’ clothes and pretending she’s going to check out. “It feels just as good—except I don’t have to unwrap the packages and figure out where to store it.”

The perfect blend of impulsivity and control. Just be careful not to click “Complete Purchase.”

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