Kristen Bell Takes Over a Mommy & Me Class—& Teaches the Kids Tips for Negotiating Their Allowance

According to Kristen Bell, being a mom makes her an expert on all things, including “earwax removals, fashioning makeshift diapers, bribery, a** wiping, etc.” Her words, not ours. Because of this expertise, the Frozen star decided to crash a “Mommy and Me” class to spread her infinite wisdom.  

During the latest episode of her YouTube show, Momsplaining with Kristen Bell, the 39-year-old actress recruited her friend (and her husband's onscreen wife on Bless This Mess) Lake Bell to help her surprise moms and toddlers in a Los Angeles class. But instead of the usual curriculum, the women decided to share a few valuable lessons to prepare them for the future.

In the ten minute clip, the duo teaches the kids how to make a good impression, ways to negotiate allowance and, most importantly, how to give their moms a shoulder massage. They also sit the children down for one-on-one interviews about their dreams, goals and aspirations.

Kristen and Lake take things a step further and quiz three kids—Kai, Kristian and Eloise— about, among other things, their five-year plans. In a shocking twist, Kristian says he wants to be a witch (ya know, so he could fly) before later revealing he wants to run for federal office. 

We’re definitely going to start living by Kristen’s mommy motto, “We don’t know what we’re doing, but we’re going to do it anyway.”