Kit Kat Is Finally Debuting a Brand-New Flavor After Almost a Decade

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Kit Kat just debuted its first new flavor in almost ten years, and it sounds delicious (especially if you love mint chocolate-chip ice cream).

The new “duos” flavor is a combo of mint and dark chocolate, and will have a top layer of mint crème with a layer of dark chocolate on the bottom, surrounding that crispy crunchy middle wafer you know and love.

While there have been other limited-edition Kit Kat flavors (mostly released internationally…WTF, Kit Kat?!), this marks the first permanent new flavor of the chocolate candy bar in a decade. Japan has untraditional Kit Kat flavors like matcha, sake and strawberry cheesecake, and the U.K. has “ruby”chocolate Kit Kats, but the U.S. has largely remained a milk chocolate market…until now.

Previously, the only choices to pick from for the U.S. were milk, dark or white chocolate Kit Kats, and some limited-edition holiday-centric flavors like red velvet for Valentine’s Day. Now, the new mint edition is the first of many, according to People, because a representative for the company told the publication that they were “just getting started” with the launch of the flavor. 

Now, the bad news. The new mint-chocolate flavor won’t hit stores ’til this December, so we’ll have to stick with breaking off a piece of regular ol’ milk chocolate Kit Kats until then. 

But you better believe we have the best idea for this year’s Christmas stocking stuffers…

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