‘Scandal the Movie:’ Kerry Washington Sends Fans into a Tizzy with Latest Instagram ‘Announcement’

Kerry Washington just took a clever approach to celebrating National Voter Registration Day.

On Instagram, Washington shared what appeared to an official promo for a new Scandal movie. The Emmy-winning actress uploaded an old clip that features a steamy kiss between her character, Olivia Pope, and Fitz Grant, alongside a caption that simply read, "SCANDAL THE MOVIE. Link in bio for more info..."

Naturally, thousands of fans rushed to click the link, but instead of an official Scandal trailer or website, what they got was the voter registration page on When We All Vote, a nonprofit organization that aims to reach more eligible voters and increase participation in future elections. Under the words "Register Yourself to Vote," Washington's photo appears alongside a message that reads, "From your local school board to the Senate, it’s important to vote in every election. Thanks for taking the first step. Take just a few minutes and complete the form below to get started and to make sure your voice is heard!"

The tricky move was met with mixed reactions from fans and celebs, who eventually noticed that they'd been vote-rolled. However, many applauded the actress for taking such a unique (and brilliant) approach. Singer Brittany Inge said, "THIS. IS. ACTIVISM. Okay?!?! Yes ma’am!!!!" Also, former Bachelor star Elyse Dehlbom wrote, "She’s a genius!"

Back in July, when Washington appeared on The View, she spoke out on the importance of both presidential and local elections. She explained, "We need to remember that change happens on many levels. I worry that people don't feel like who they vote for as president has an impact. Who you vote for as president has a tremendous impact, but also, you have an opportunity to vote for judges, and [district attorneys], and sheriffs...and school board leaders. People who make real day-to-day decisions in your community."

The Fixer has gone above and beyond to promote change—but we can't say we're not a liiiiittle disappointed...

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