Body Positive Influencer Katie Sturino Wants to Be a Sexy Fax Machine for Halloween

Chances are you’ve seen body positive fashion influencer Katie Sturino’s celeb outfit recreations or female founder inspiration posts on Instagram. Since starting her blog and company Megababe, Sturino has become a force in the body positivity movement. Last night, Sturino sat down with MASSE, a new shopping app free of sponsored content, paid posts and fake reviews, to launch their monthly Ask Me Anything series with female founders. 

Read on to find out how thigh chaffing inspired Sturino to start her own business, what her Real Housewives tagline would be and what she’s bingeing on Netflix.

Question: How did you get the idea to start Megababe? What were you seeing in the market at the time, and how did you feel your products would fill the gap?
Answer: Thigh chafe just wasn’t something that anyone was talking about but when I would engage my followers about their solutions, I would get such a big response…I knew that this was not just a “me” issue but was confused as to why there were only products on the market for men or athletes.

Q: As a business owner, what keeps you up at night?
A: What doesn’t?! I worry about not growing fast enough or having someone come in and copy our brand with more funds and less heart. I worry I don’t know what I am doing because I am new to the beauty industry…imposter syndrome I guess? But at the end of the day I really just love being able to connect with so many women about how much they love our products…so I guess that really eases the worry a bit.

Q: What advice would you have given your former self before starting Megababe?
A: I would say that the launch is super fun and the idea of future success is super fun but there are a lot of years in between where the grind is real! It’s a lot of dealing with details and unglamorous things that one doesn’t picture when they imagine running a beauty brand. That being said, I have no regrets and I would do it again tomorrow!  

Q: What’s your morning routine and do you think it helps determine the rest of your day?
A: I sure do! Days when I do not meditate, or I start my day by looking at my phone and answering emails always feel a twinge less easy…there isn’t a flow and I get frazzled.

Q: You mentioned you meditate. What practice do you use? Is there a book or app that you recommend?
Insight timer!

Q: When faced with a challenge, what’s your go-to strategy to overcome it? Deep thought, loud music, coffee?
A: I talk it out. I am not someone who will mull over things to myself and come out three weeks later with a decision. I really talk through my feelings and usually it ends up where my gut initially felt I should go.

Q: Early bird or night owl?
A: EARLY BIRD! My brain goes bye-bye around 8 p.m.

Q: What’s the last thing you watched on Netflix?
A: Big Mouth season three! 

Q: Name three important items on your nightstand.
My Slip sleep mask, my anti-depressant meds and my Glossier lip balm.

Q: What’s your unexpected inspiration?
My followers! I am inspired every day but the DMs and comments I get from them…always so insightful and smart! 

Q: What are you going to be for Halloween?
A sexy fax machine

Q: What is your Real Housewives opening line?
 Since there is no size diversity on RHONY…I would say “Dangerous Curves Ahead.”


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