Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Just Shared an Intimate Moment on Their First Solo Outing Together

kate middleton queen elizabeth sharing blanket

Breaking news: For the first time in eight years, Kate Middleton officially joined Queen Elizabeth for their first-ever solo royal outing together. (No Prince William or Prince Philip in sight!) They were helping reopen the newly renovated Bush House at King's College London. (Duty calls, after all.)

But in the midst of all that pomp and circumstance (the queen wore bubblegum pink, Kate wore Catherine Walker), an intimate moment was shared—and on full display—as they pulled up out front.

Yep, it appears the queen and Kate—in the backseat of a royal town car—were actually sharing a blanket. In fact, it was spread out to cover both of their laps. 

We get it: Royal pantyhose requirement aside, it's downright frigid this time of year and, whether the heat is on or not, their legs really are for the most part bare.

But beyond that, it's also kind of sweet to see the duchess and the queen—technically, her grandmother-in-law—show a softer and more familial side to their relationship, a rare occurrence with so many regal rules.

Royal relatives, they're just like us? Sort of—minus the whole private driver who probably fetched them the blanket to begin with. (Baby steps.)

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