Justin Timberlake Shares New Version of Famous ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ Meme

Guys, it’s May 1st and you know what that means? We’re seeing a flood of the popular Justin Timberlake memes declaring “It's Gonna Be May.”

The joke stems from Timberlake's days in music group NSYNC and the 2000 pop song "It's Gonna Be Me." JT became the voice that launched endless memes after fans joked that it sounded like he was saying "May" instead of "me" in the song. 

However, this year, thanks to the pop star himself (and some photoshop savvy fans), we’ve been gifted a new version, which includes a photo of Timberlake with a face mask on. Yup, leave it to the internet to take an iconic social media moment and change it to fit our current culture. We totally dig it. And as it turns out, so does the NSYNC star. 

“Spring Summer 2020. Thanks for this, Internet,” the singer tweeted on Friday when he shared the meme.

The 39-year-old has been social distancing with his wife, Jessica Biel, and daughter, Silas, in California. He recently took some time to chat with his celebrity pal, Ellen DeGeneres, and revealed that they’ve been up to “nothing.”

Justin, if you’re reading this, we guess this makes up for never posting the results of your Girl Scout cookie survey