Justin Bieber Cuts Hair; Fans (and Probably His Parents) Rejoice

If Justin Bieber’s Burrito-gate “scandal” made you clutch your pearls and pray to the food gods (don’t worry, it was a hoax), I’m pleased to inform you there’s positive Bieber related news.

After months of rocking a ’do reminiscent of a horrible Supercuts fail, the Biebs has finally returned to the realm of sanity and buzzed his hair.

Where there was once fried yet greasy blonde locks, there’s now a clean slate (and a widow’s peak?). Personally, I’m most relieved he didn’t make good on his promise to grow his hair “down to [his] toes,” as I find that deeply troubling.

To borrow his words, the chop was a “No Brainer.” But the question remains: Now that his blonde mop top is gone, will his affinity for Hawaiian shirts and sweat suits straight out of the Walgreens bargain bin continue?