There's More to This Fake Nipple Company Than Meets the—Hey, Eyes Up Here

Trying to stay abreast of recent trends? Don’t wanna seem like a boob in front of your friends? (OK, sorry, sorry. We’ll get to the point.)

Yes, fake nipples are a thing, but they’re more than just an, er, arousing statement. (Get the giggles out now.) The company behind them, Just Nips, says it’s evolved into so much more.

With a tagline of “Look cold, stay hot,” Just Nips wanted to take part in the nippy-through-a-T-shirt craze that’s still going strong, especially among Insta-famous celebs like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. These fake nips can be stuck onto the breasts just like pasties and use medical-grade adhesive.

After initially going viral, “because, you know, nipples,” said the founder, Molly Borman, they were able to turn their product into something extremely meaningful, eventually reaching the breast cancer community. For many of these women, losing their nipples as a result of mastectomies wasn’t a choice, but yet another tragic repercussion of the disease.

From there, the fake nips pivoted to a product for women who underwent mastectomies. After a mastectomy, many women who go through breast reconstruction don’t get their nipples back (since the process is extremely expensive), and some opt for a 3-D tattoo that resembles a nipple instead. But Just Nips was an easy and inexpensive alternative to full-on surgery or tattooing and quickly became the fastest growing breast cancer accessory on the market. The company raised awareness and donated batches of Just Nips to various organizations that aid breast cancer patients, and now include breast self-check tutorials on the packaging.

Just Nips are available online ($10) in two colors and sizes (“cold” and “freezing”), as well as in reusable and waterproof versions.

High beams for a good cause? We’re so in (er, out).


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