Um, This ‘Ted Lasso’ Character Was Actually Inspired by ‘Legally Blonde’

Keeley has become a fan favorite on Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso, and it's all thanks to Juno Temple's incredible portrayal of the optimistic model-turned-businesswoman. But did you know that the iconic rom-com, Legally Blonde, inspired her character arc?

The 33-year-old star opened up about Keeley's journey while chatting with Cosmopolitan, and it turns out Temple convinced the team to let her channel Elle Woods, especially when it came down to the bubbly CEO's fashion choices.

Temple said, "I trust the writers implicitly, but I contribute to wardrobe. A big inspiration for Keeley and her company this year was Legally Blonde, which is totally one of my favorite movies ever."

It makes total sense, given that both Elle and Keeley are confident fashion queens who defy the "dumb blonde" stereotype. In fact, something tells us that these characters would get along well in real life.

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Temple noted that she enjoys working with her team, including her costume designer Jacky Levy and hair and makeup designer Nicky Austin. And we're guessing a big part of this has to do with their support of her vision for Keeley. She said, "There were conversations of like, if she's stepping into this new position of having her own company, what kind of changes would that make? And I was like, 'Well, I think she still has to be as quirky and pink and fluffy as Keeley has always been.' And everyone agreed. It's still the Keeley that we know and love, right? Even if she's in a position of power, she doesn't think of it that way."

Temple added, "She is who she is. A huge part of that is staying true to her gorgeous, mad look that she has going on. I kind of love the idea that she's always overdressed for things where you should be more underdressed and then vice versa."

If season four gets green-lit, we're counting on Keely to channel her inner Elle again.

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