Josh Hutcherson Was Almost Named Colonel Fightmaster and What?!

You might know Josh Hutcherson for his roles in The Hunger Games and The Kids Are Alright, but did you know he almost went by an entirely different name? 

The Kentucky native opened up about how and why his name was almost Colonel Josh Fightmaster during a visit to Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, and we learned a few things.

“I am technically a Kentucky colonel. I got honored the honor when I was, like, 15,” Hutcherson explained. (It’s a distinction similar to someone being given the keys to a city. He’s not literally a military colonel.)

But what about the Fightmaster part, you might wonder. As Hutcherson succinctly put it, “My mom’s maiden name is Fightmaster.”

Sadly, he didn’t take on the name when he became an actor because, as he said, “They didn’t think that I would ever be successful. At nine years of age when I was like, ‘I’m gonna be in movies,’ they were like, ‘All right.’ [And] instead, I got Josh Hutcherson.”

We’ll never know what could have been if Josh Hutcherson would have become Colonel Josh Fightmaster. *Sigh*

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