Jessica Biel Reveals Her Go-To Beauty Routine (& It's Surprisingly Simple)

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When it comes to beauty, Jessica Biel is a firm believer in “less is more.”

Biel recently hosted a preview for American Express’s “Live Life” global brand campaign, where she chatted with PureWow about the minimal beauty products she keeps in her purse while on the go. She said, “My go-to’s are fewer beauty products but more tools, so I like having an eyelash curler, maybe an eyebrow pencil—that’s always good for a little definition—and blotting tissue to take the oil off my face.”

Biel also revealed that beauty isn’t just about the oils and creams you put on your skin, saying, “Less is more, and make sure you put healthy foods inside your body helps with clean skin along with hydrating and drinking a lot of water.” 

Nevertheless, she still relies on her skin care regimen—cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream and an occasional face peel—to achieve her glowing complexion.

We’ll do whatever she’s doing, because it’s clearly working.

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