Jennifer Garner Loses it on Camera When She Realizes What’s Been Hiding in the Bottom of Her Backpack

Her laughter is so infectious

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If actress Jennifer Garner, 51, were to create an IG series centered around showing the items in her bag, now that we’ve watched her unfiltered “backpack reveal,” we would tune in for every single video.

Back in November, the 13 Going on 30 star uploaded a clip of herself sharing what she carries in her everyday backpack. She starts the video by saying she is a “little bit nervous” to show fans the inside of her bag. But she perseveres. “It feels appropriate to do ‘What's in my bag?’” The Adam Project actress shares.

Then Garner starts pulling out everything in her bag, from a notebook to two-sided glasses. “If you’re over 50, you understand,” the actress jokingly says.

And when she gets halfway through the bag, the Family Switch star stumbles upon her stash of treats. "Lucky day! It's my lucky day!" she says as she pulls out bags of chocolate. “Gotta have your candy handy.” 

But when she reaches the very bottom, the Alias alum pulls out a bag filled with nuts. Then she completely loses it as she pulls out eight bags (yes, you read that right) in total. “I’m so scared, I’m not going to have nuts,” she explains while laughing uncontrollably.

In the comments section, Garner’s followers can’t help but wonder why she has soooo many bags of nuts in her backpack. One person jokingly wrote, “Is this Jennifer’s bag or our neighborhood squirrel? Hahaha.” Another fan of the actress chimed in and said, “I love that her nuts are also in a ziplock bag like us regular folks [laughing emoji].”

We could watch videos of Garner cracking herself up all day long.

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