Jennifer Garner's Mom Calls Her Out for Not Having Buttermilk in Her Kitchen

No use crying over...buttermilk

jennifer-garner-mom-calls-her-out: jennifer garner smiling on the red carpet.
Monica Schipper/Getty Images

It's safe to say that Jennifer Garner is all of us when it comes to cooking new recipes in the kitchen—when in doubt, call your mother. But instead of giving solid cooking advice, the star's mom did something even better.

Last week, Garner made a hilarious IG post of moments with her mom, Pat, in honor of her 86th birthday. The slideshow consisted of a series of videos of the Garner gals chatting on the phone and spending quality time together. It was the first video in the post that truly made me LOL.

While filming her IG series, Pretend Cooking Show, Garner attempted to make buttermilk from scratch because she was out. The 52-year-old actress was also on the phone with her mother at the time, asking several questions like any frazzled daughter would. Done with questioning, her mom answered, "I don't know, Jennifer. I'm rarely without buttermilk." Best response ever.

Garner took it like a champ and laughed at the witty quip. In fact, she found it so funny that she even had matching crewneck sweatshirts embroidered with the one-liner, so they could wear it together while baking a chiffon pie (their family recipe) for the show. See their twinning moment down below.

I'm going to need another episode with them together, STAT.

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