Jennifer Garner Reveals She’s a Fan of This Viral Dating Series—and We Can Totally See Why


In the days of online dating and apps galore, there’s nothing more refreshing or special than genuine human interaction. And that’s what the viral dating series, Meet Cutes NYC, featured on Instagram, TikTok and X, is all about. And now, we’ve found out Jennifer Garner is a huge fan of the series. 

According to the New York Post, Victor Lee, a 28-year old clothing manufacturer and true-love enthusiast, started the account in February of 2022 to document the love stories of New Yorkers of every variety. He and his friend, 28 year-old Aaron Feinberg, a hospitality specialist at WeWork, as well as Feinberg’s friend, 29 year-old Jeremy Bernstein, an on-the-street renewable energy salesman, became the ultimate trio with this on-the-street interview-style series where they ask local passersby if they’re a couple.

Bernstein interviews subjects from off-camera, giving them center stage, and begins each video with the phrase, “Excuse me, are you guys a couple?” If the couple says yes, he then asks questions about how they met, advice they have for other couples, their favorite things about one another and other adorable inquiries. The account has amassed a whopping 1.2 million followers since its creation and video views range from the hundreds of thousands to millions.

In a recent video the account created on August 29th, the trio interviewed a vibrant and enthusiastic queer couple by the names of Youn and Peter, who had met in a bar located on the street they currently live 23 years prior. And much to our delight, a comment on the video appeared from none other than Jennifer Garner. The actress wrote, “These get better and better,” with three heart emojis.

It sounds to us like she’s a true romantic, keeping up with the varied and diverse meet cutes of NYC. She’s been spotted in the Big Apple before, so maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of her on the series someday. And if you want to fall in love over and over again, you can check out the series for yourself on Instagram, TikTok and X.

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