4 Videos of Jenna Dewan Dancing that Will Make You Want to Drop It Like It’s Hot

It should be no surprise that, as a professional dancer, Jenna Dewan has some serious moves. Whether she’s doing a routine on stage or dancing on the small screen, the 38-year-old Step Up star puts our go-to shimmy to shame. Here, four videos of Jenna Dewan dancing that will make you kind of want to take classes again.

In Heels

Dewan visited fellow professional dancer Galen Hooks to take a “heels class,” which is basically just what it sounds like. Set to the music of Billie Eilish’s “Bury a Friend,” Dewan delivers a subtle but rousing routine with all the facial expressions. And, since it’s more about timing and delivery than complicated maneuvers, we could totally learn this…right?

While Lip-syncing

Last year, the now mom-to-be stopped by to visit Chrissy Teigen and Ice Cube’s Lip Sync Battle and beautifully recreated her ex-husband, Channing Tatum’s, um, sensual Magic Mike XXL routine set to the Ginuwine tune “Pony.” (They separated afterward, BTW.) Did you catch those drawn on abs, though? Iconic.


Speaking of Tatum, the two met while filming the 2006 dance-drama Step Up, which kind of put them on the map. In the final scene, they’re definitely the breakout stars of the routine…especially once they begin that stunning duet complete with Dirty Dancing-esque moves and hip hop. We’d also be remiss not to mention the fact that they’re basically babies (Dewan was 25 and Tatum was 26) in the movie.

With Janet Jackson (miss Jackson…if You’re Nasty)

In addition to appearing in movies and TV shows, Dewan has also worked as a backup dancer for Pink, Missy Elliot and Christina Aguilera. But, she got her start with none other than Janet Jackson. Dewan reunited with Jackson 15 years later and danced on stage with her once again. It was epic.

Now, excuse us while we have an impromptu dance party in our living room.


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