Jason Biggs Says This Is His Parenting Superpower

Jason Biggs is a lucky guy: When it comes to being a dad, he gets to tag-team the whole parenting thing with his super funny wife, Jenny Mollen. But the actor, who’s known to land a joke or two himself, says that there’s one dad skill in particular that he keeps in his back pocket for when times with his toddler and preschooler get tough.

What is it? Humor, of course. It’s the main way he diffuses tension during more challenging moments with his boys, Sid, 5, and Lazlo, 1.

“My parenting superpower is making the kids laugh,” he told PureWow at an event in New York City to promote his partnership with Tommee Tippee and their new spill-proof No-Knock cup. “It’s Jenny’s superpower as well. We find that whenever the kids are in a spot—down, crying, hurt or maybe they’re just sad or being difficult—for the most part, we can get them to laugh.”

Still, the Orange Is the New Black star is the first to admit—the break in tension elicited by his jokes is often temporary. “The kids might laugh and smile, but then they immediately go back to the temper tantrum. But at least for that one glorious little moment, we can get them to smile.”

Hey, as every parent knows—even a short-lived reprieve from the tears is a win. 

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