Jason Biggs Keeps a Hairbrush By His Front Door Because He Is the Best Dad Ever

jason biggs hair trick sid

Kid requests can get weird—this we know. But dad of two Jason Biggs has learned to take it all in stride and also to run interference when a meltdown is on the horizon. (Kind of parenting 101, no?)

Case in point: His 5-year-old son Sid’s hair.

We caught up with Biggs for an exclusive chat at an event in New York City for Tommee Tippee’s new No Knock cup where he explained: “Sid is a tactile guy and he’s very aware of things like how clothes feel and how his hair is laying on his head. If his hair is even a little bit messy in any sort of way, it has the potential for a complete meltdown that could delay us from leaving the house by 20 minutes.”

Jason’s super-smart work-around? He keeps a hairbrush by the entryway. “I’ve set it up so [brushing his hair] is the last thing that happens on his way out the door,” he laughs. “Because if I brush it too early in the morning, it’s inevitably going to get ruffled up again and we’re going to have the meltdown and have to restart. This way, all the activities happen—breakfast, getting dressed, watching TV, brushing teeth—and then I fix his hair and out the door. I like to think of it as a car wash. Sid sort of just walks under the brush and that’s the last thing I do before I send him off.”

Still, Sid gets final sign-off. “For better or worse, we have a mirror in our hallway in our apartment building,” Jason says. “You better believe he checks before he gets on the elevator. Another reason it has to be the last thing we do.”

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