Disney is Giving Free Online Illustration Lessons & We're About to Become Pros at Drawing Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse

Disney theme parks may be closed while social distancing protocols are in place, but you can still participate in a little Disney magic thanks to a series of quick instructional videos showing how to draw characters including Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell and Queen Elsa from Frozen.

In a video that was posted this week, Disney show artist Stephen Ketchum demonstrates how to turn a few circles and shadings into Mickey's face, a process that takes just over four minutes. Naturally, the video includes a quick visit from both Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who stop by to admire Ketchum's work. In another tutorial, actor Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf in the Frozen films, tries his hand at drawing the goofy snowman.

Besides how fast drawings are, the biggest surprise you'll find is that Mickey’s features have actually changed since he was first drawn in the 1920s (because, yay, he’s celebrating his 92nd birthday this year). There are separate videos for the Steamboat Willie-era version and the version shown in the animated tv series that began in 2013 (he’s got so-called "pie eyes" because there’s a triangle like a pie slice carved out of each eye).

Any of the Mickey drawings are easy enough for non-professional artists and even children to master. So, clear room on your refrigerator for some original artwork that’s almost as good as visiting Mickey in person.

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