Shhh, the HomeGoods App Is the Secret to Scoring the Best Items at Your Local Store

The thrill of the HomeGoods hunt is great and all, but sometimes, we wish we could see a preview of the goods before making the trek. 

Well, you can—sort of—via the HomeGoods app. Its best feature? Local stores post select new arrivals in real time so that you can hustle on over and not miss out on the best stuff. For example, when we checked out the app yesterday, our local shop had tipped us off to the arrival of a French-style settee that is, in fact, a discovery so rare it would be worth an ASAP detour to HomeGoods. (Psst, it’s also a great way to be alerted to holiday merch arriving in the store.)

How to do it? Simply create an account, follow your local stores and turn on push notifications to get updates. A word of warning: The app is run by individual stores, so post quality is very different from location to location. While some update constantly, others seldom do. Check yours out to see if it’s worth a follow.

The lowdown: It’s a jolly good fun and low-maintenance tool if a borderline unhealthy HomeGoods addiction is your vice in life. 


Home Editor

From 2014-2019 Grace Beuley Hunt held the role of Home Editor covering interior design, styling, trends and more.