A Lactation Consultant Told Me to Buy the Haakaa and It Made My Breastfeeding Experience Way Less Terrible

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It’s natural, they said. Your body is meant to do this, they said. Except that as any breastfeeding mama knows, getting that liquid gold to your baby is freakin’ hard. And just when you’ve finally figured out how to get that latch right and that your kid gets fussy if you even so much as look at an onion, you’re faced with another mega challenge—building up a stash. 

Listen, I can talk about the trials and tribulations of pumping all day but when you’re going back to work in two weeks (or hey, desperate for a couple of hours to yourself), time is of the essence. So let me cut to the chase—you need to invest in the Haakaa breast pump. My lactation consultant urged me to get one and it was the best $20 I ever spent. 

This isn’t like the whirring milk machine that turns your nipples into cocktail sausages and practically requires a degree in engineering to figure out. This silicone pump is just one little piece and helps you collect that precious milk with basically zero effort. That’s right, it’s not electrical or manual. 

Here’s how it works: You suction the pump to your breast (you may have to readjust it once or twice to get it centered) and then let it work its magic as it efficiently draws out your milk. The best way to use it is to attach it while you’re nursing on the other breast to take advantage of the natural letdown. And that’s it—simply sit back, feed your baby, and watch as the Haakaa collects that prized milk drop by drop. How much you’ll get will depend on a lot of factors, but many moms (this one included) are able to collect three or four ounces per day just by using the Haakaa alone.   

While the Haakaa is especially great to use during those first few weeks when your supply is most likely as its highest (and you’re soaking through nursing pads like it’s your job), I was surprised at how useful it was even after my supply was established. Because hey, even an extra half ounce at every feed adds up, right? 

Made from BPA-free silicone, the Haakaa is also dishwasher safe and comes with a fitted lid. 

Bottom line: Building up a stash is hard work. But it doesn’t have to totally, you know, suck.

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