Holy Stilettos, the Golden Globes Red Carpet Is Over 900 Feet Long and Our Legs Are Already Tired

dakota fanning on the golden globes red carpet
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Despite what we might think, red carpets aren't just fun and games and interviews with Ryan Seacrest. In fact, just getting from one end to the other is a pretty damn impressive feat considering this year's Golden Globes red carpet is more than 900 feet long. We repeat: Nine. Hundred. Feet.

That's almost as long as three football fields. It's just about three-quarters of the way around a track. But most importantly, it's further than anyone wants to walk in heels. And don't even get us started on how much we don't want to walk that far in stiletto heels.

We're a great deal more impressed with all the celebs walking the red carpet tonight, stopping every few feet for interviews, now that we know just how far they have to trek.

Godspeed ladies, and let's hope a few of you are rocking sneakers under those gowns.



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