Peter Dinklage Just Spilled the Tea—Er, Wine—on the Lannister Feuding in Season 8

We don't know (and may never find out) all that was said between Cersei and Tyrion Lannister after the Dragon Pit meeting at the end of season seven of Game of Thrones

But we do have a clue as to whether the Tyrion-Jaime-Cersei sibling rivalry will ever work itself out. Will Tyrion betray Dany in order to stay loyal to his family name of Lannister? Or will he betray the dragon queen due to jealousy? (He looked pretty upset when he stood outside the room of the ship where Jon and Dany were gettin' it on...)

Speaking to TV Guide about season eight, Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau revealed that Tyrion and Jaime are going to end up working things out.

"There is no future without defeating the threat," Coster-Waldau said, even though he believes Cersei is staying behind to protect their unborn child. And Lena Headey also weighed in and confirmed as much.

"Cersei is scared," Headey said, "but she stays in her safety lane, which is survival and a brave front." If survival is Cersei's main concern, and the Night King does break through the Winterfell reinforcements, then she's going to need to call on Jaime, the only one who's really ever had her back, which may cause the Lannisters to band together again in the face of death.

But before that happens, once Jaime reaches Winterfell to help battle the Army of the Dead, he'll once again come face-to-face with his brother Tyrion. "Tyrion trusts his brother. He loves him," Dinklage said. "We have some beautiful scenes."

If those scenes are anything like the tense meeting between Jaime and his brother in the crypts of the Red Keep, we'll be a nail-biting mess until the two brothers can figure out how to stop their mercilessly evil sister from betraying all of Westeros (or at least change her mind so she comes to their aid against the Night King). 

Cersei? Aid? Who are we's going to be one helluva backstab.


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