The French-Girl Lipstick Trick Might Be the Easiest Application Advice of All Time

It's Saturday night and you've got a low-key (but also semi-fancy) dinner party to attend at a friend's chic and stylish home.

Naturally, you're dressed to impress, but you also don't want to look like you tried too hard. Enter this genius French girl lipstick trick.

We borrowed it from Jeanne Damas, a Parisian entrepreneur and fashion icon, who took to Instagram to share her lazy girl beauty routine. 

Her advice: Instead of applying your go-to color straight from the tube, pat-pat-pat it directly onto your lips to give your pout a melted—and somewhat messy—effect.

We put her trick to the test for said dinner party (mentioned above) and we were blown away by the result. It gave our lips a more muted, matte effect, but one that left our pout feeling fuller and still totally glam.

One caveat: For this application, just be sure you have a tissue nearby to wipe the hue off your finger when you're done tapping it on. 

Vive la France French beauty geniuses.

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